Gold Stock ETF (GDX) is now trading at the same price it was back in December of last year and yet Junior minors ETF (GDXJ) remains almost 15% lower, during the same time frame.  If you purchased GDX just before Christmas last year, it has been pretty much dead money, despite Gold climbing over 20% in value ($400 per oz.).

The situation with GDX is going to get very interesting due to Gold facing key channel and Fibonacci resistance (see $1,900 Gold resistance) and GDX up against line (1), at the same time.  A breakout above (1) would be a positive for GDX, since it has been inside of a trading range now for almost 9 MONTHS!

Gold stocks have reflected relative weakness compared to Gold for almost a year…if long the Gold stocks, don’t harvest at this time, yet do put protection in place ASAP.