On 10/10/12, at the time of the i-phone 5 release the Power of the Pattern reflected that Apple was up against a 30-year and 10-year resistance lines at the same time in the chart below and that “severe declines had taken place each time these lines were hit!“  (see post here)


How would you define “severe declines?”  Is a 60% decline severe?

The chart below reflects that each time Apple has hit these lines it has declined at least 60% in value and Apple was hitting both of them at (3)!


Will Apple fall 60% again?  I don’t know! Will it be different this time?

I do suggest that investors respect the Power of the Eiffel Tower pattern and its impact on very popular assets over the past 15 years!  (see past Eiffel Patterns & impact here) 

The reason I put the chart out last October was to alert investors to how important of a technical situation was taking shape in Apple and how nice of a price point it was to harvest gains in this great company!


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