Global Dashboard

Global Dashboard

This is an excellent tool for people who simply want to see a snapshot of the trends and patterns in several influential assets or who have limited time, desire or ability to make account adjustments possibly due to restrictions in the case of many corporate retirement plans.

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Global Dashboard

Weekly pattern and trend analysis of 9 asset (9 pack of charts)

Covering Four Major Investment Categories 

Including U.S., International, Commodities & Currencies


The Global Dashboard Report provides 30,000 foot view of 9 major global assets on a weekly basis.  In addition to pattern and trend analysis in these assets, we also include updates on junk bonds, transportation and a proprietary credit based indicator that help to provide “advanced” warning of potential turn points and breakouts.

The Global Dashboard Report is excellent investment research for individual investors and financial advisors who manage what we call “slow money”.

By “slow money” we are referring to assets that are only moved a few times per year due to 401k plans with trading restrictions, financial planning firms looking to reallocate assets a few times per year or individual investors who don’t want to trade /reallocate monies frequently.


  • Weekly snapshot of major global assets (“9 pack”) listed in the grid below
  • Major investment categories are covered including: U.S., International, Commodities and Currencies
  • Key global assets and currencies that could be impacting the U.S.
  • Table of leading leading indicators that attempt to provide advanced warning of major asset turning points

The “Shoe Box” indicator is a proprietary indicator that has helped provide advanced warning prior to major declines like 07/08 and participate in the majority of the bull market since

indicators give warning signals but don’t dictate decision-making without confirmation by the chart patterns

  • Suggestions to overweight or underweight equities
  • I also share suggestions to overweight or underweight equities based on my pattern analysis and indicators but members should always take action based on their investment strategy, risk tolerance and other research tools and indicators



Long term perspectives that in 30 seconds you understand the pattern at hand and action to take

basic 9pack grid 2


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color code


Based on the chart patterns “advanced warning” indicators I review each week with you, I will make suggestions to under or overweight U.S. equities



Long term patterns & perspectives on markets at long term resistance or support levels

S&P 500 chart pattern on long term support and overhead falling channel resistance

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100 chart of dow jones in channel on support

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Chris’s research is easy to read. His quick summary with pointers from are helpful. I can review the weekly email in less than 10 minutes. He provides us a useful tool to build conviction on potential market movements. Chris’ thoughts, pointers, and warnings are very useful. Erik J


A weekly look at my “Shoe Box” & High Yield indicators


The “Shoe Box” indicator is a proprietary leading indicator I developed that has been very valuable to provide advance warning of major turning points in the broad markets. This indicator tends to turn down before major highs and up before major rallies. The underlying components are proprietary but involve pricing swings in the credit markets, over weighted towards corporate credit conditions.


We assist members with this tool and other information provided in the Global Dashboard report as gauges to suggest when to overweight and underweight broad equity holdings.  Ideally we would increase or decrease exposure when BOTH the Shoe Box indicator and broad US equities are breaking out (up or down) of their respective patterns.  The Shoe Box tends to be longer term in nature and that means fewer portfolio adjustments!

junk bond - sp500 - shoebox combo chart

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prior shoebox example

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Other indicators and tools we use to assist members to make investment decisions with this report The chart below looks at a combination of indicators; a moving average crossover and rising support lines. Only twice has this combo sent a signal that a bear market could be approaching over the past 15-years. As with the “Shoe Box” report, BOTH a moving average crossover and the S&P must cross moving average / support lines to confirm a change in equity exposure.

crossover moving average chart

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Chris: I decided to join because I saw your analyses on yahoo finance and later on your free blog directly and liked the uncomplicated few powerful factors, the way I had the same thoughts on those markets, that most of it is written (I’m a visual person so I prefer that to listening to videos or podcasts), reasonable price especially for this combination subscription which gives me everything I need yet not too much information. But the last piece of the puzzle was that you’ll be giving occasional updates of the shoe box indicator – this definitely made it a complete package as I would be happy to know if anything interesting is about to happen to the long term market….. Noam L


How do we use this information? When the majority line up on either the bearish or bullish side AND are confirmed by the chart patterns, it assists in decision-making to under/weight US equities.

table of leading indicators

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Other patterns and indicators we update you on periodically

advance decline chart

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equal weight sp500

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discretionary-staples ratio

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I have been peeking at your charts for a year or more and find they are what I myself observed in the markets using technical analysis. The only problem for me was I never believed in my own work. Seeing your take is a way for me to stay rational about expectations and to get hints as to change of trends in different markets. I want to try using your charts to trade deliberately and rationally, instead of shooting from the hip when I get too busy to take a deep breath and see what the charts are saying. Doug S

I look forward to helping you capitalize on the Power of the Pattern!

Chris Kimble, Founder/CEO

Kimble Charting Solutions

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