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Chris: I decided to join because I saw your analyses on yahoo finance and later on your free blog directly and liked the uncomplicated few powerful factors, the way I had the same thoughts on those markets, that most of it is written (I’m a visual person so I prefer that to listening to videos or podcasts), reasonable price especially for this combination subscription which gives me everything I need yet not too much information. But the last piece of the puzzle was that you’ll be giving occasional updates of the shoe box indicator – this definitely made it a complete package as I would be happy to know if anything interesting is about to happen to the long term market…..

Noam L.

If I have to sum it up, this is such powerful information you’re providing me with, it simply cannot fail to produce tangible results. 1.3 times the cost of the annual subscription paid in exactly 21 hours is no joke, and we did it without crazily risky leveraged derivatives: just a great technical setup, a good ETF, eyes on the stops, and cashed out as soon as the gains proved us right; no more no less. No need to stretch the rubber band, the next chart will bring more profits, in the meanwhile, there’s nothing as good as more cash!!!Thank you Chris, Premium Memberships beats everything out there.


Chris: I just want to let you know I am really enjoying your service! I made my first trade from your recommendations on 01-06-15 (GDX @ $19.79). I held that one for 16 days and made 18.1% return! ,,,, What I appreciate most about your service, besides the nice gains thus far, is that your recommendations also include short positions for large portions of the market. I have already made money buying an ETF short from your recommendation (SH and TBF) and that is a first for me. I am grateful that your service gives me confidence to make these short position trades because I would only be guessing and gambling on short positions in ETF’s otherwise. So my gain thus far is almost 2% a week……Wow!, how cool would it be to make 2% every week for the rest of the year huh? I won’t hold you to that. Thanks very much for your service!!


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